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Odds & Ends Two Italian Charms

Odds & Ends Two Italian charms. This group of odds and ends charms are primarily from the elite and elan class of charms produced by Fascino Veneziano which were one of the highest quality of Italian charms produced. Fascino used 18kt gold in the production in their elite and elan charms and there is nothing 2nd class about these charms. Some of these charms, like the Peter Max smile pictured, sold for $25.00 when they were in production. I'm selling these out and have not taken pictures of these charms, but like I said these charms are high quality and you should be satisfied with your purchase. At 50 cents a charm, you can't go wrong! Most are standard 9mm unless otherwise noted. The majority will have the Fascino name on the back, however, some sold by him did not and may only say Stainless Steel on the back. When these are gone, they will not be restocked so get yours now while they last. Fascino no longer produces Italian charms, so these will be hard to find charms.

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